About Us

Our Mission: We Help Parents to Help Their Children.

We are parents of two girls. Our eldest daughter discovered a love for her thumb early on, and sucking her thumb was helpful for both her and for us because she could use her thumb to calm herself down. When she went to the dentist for the first time, it was recommended that she stop sucking her thumb by the age of three. We soon realized that doing so isn’t so easy once you’ve gotten used to sucking your thumb. During the weaning period we often felt lost and couldn’t find accurate help. When our daughter finally broke the habit, we decided to spread our knowledge and help other familes.

When our two children were young, we decided to quit our jobs as a language teacher and electrical engineer and travel as a family for a while. As a result, in addition to having more quality family time, we then had the energy that could be devoted to projects that otherwise wouldn’t have been feasible as parents that were working full-time. The Thumb-Heroes page was and is still one of those projects. We want to help other families and children as they get a handle on thumb sucking and work to break the habit.

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